August 24, 2011

A Cake and A Cupcake

Posted in Baking at 11:39 am by Riam

I was reviving my baking hobby recently and have tried doing the chocolate cake and yellow cupcake at home. Frosting is not part of the activity but I enjoy baking the base in itself.
The topping I did in the yellow cupcake is a whip cream straight from the can but it deflate easily after few minutes.
I think the frosting in the online recipes are much better but I havent tried anything yet.
Here are some photos.
Chocolate cake



Yummy cupcake

Group of three


March 31, 2011


Posted in Baking at 10:01 am by Riam

Geerbe my godchild is celebrating his first birthday on Friday, 1 April. It’s a last minute plan but I decided to offer a take away cookie for the kids called Madeleines. I baked a full recipe last night as a warm up and tried to package them as a set with my handmade tag with Geerbe’s photo. This is what I came up with.

March 28, 2011

Banana bread

Posted in Baking at 9:08 am by Riam

I tried to use my newly bought mini loaf pan to bake my favorite banana bread recipe. One pan can hold half a dozen minis, just enough to bake one full recipe in one go. Here is wat I got..